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Payment options

Currently we offer the following option to purchase cannabis:

Online Pick-Up Order:
Customers are able to order through our live online ordering menu here. Orders placed online are able to be picked up in-store and paid for with Debit and Credit Cards w/$3.50 Bank Fee, Venmo or Cash.

Online Delivery Order:
Customers are able to order through our live online ordering menu here. Delivery Orders placed online can only be paid in Cash. Delivery available from Tuesday thru Saturday (11AM - 6PM)

Cash - Cash is an accepted payment method currently offered for Pickup, Delivery & In-Store.

Debit and Credit Cards - We are pleased to offer Debit and Credit as a payment option for in-store purchases and online order pickups. Debit and Credit purchases require a $3.50 banking fee.

CanPay - In an effort to increase payment options for our customers, we are thrilled to introduce Canpay for all Eureka Sky transactions. CanPay is a ZERO FEE Debit Solution for all in-store and online pickup orders. CanPay uses secure ACH payment processing for direct bank-to-bank transfers and eliminates any need for use of the Visa or Mastercard networks. Customer's banks will show "Eureka Sky" and you will have a transaction record of all CanPay payments you have made.

Sign Up now to start paying for cannabis at Eureka Sky with no Fees! CanPay
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